Data-driven manufacturing optimization

We help you boost manufacturing productivity & profitability through data analytics  

Joltek is a digital transformation company that blends the world of industrial automation and data analytics to empower you to make the right operational decisions, faster, and with confidence.

We help you harness the power of your existing data to maximize output, ensure quality, and reduce downtime.

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We’ve helped boost manufacturing efficiency at some of the world’s top manufacturers

Here's how we can help

Build a strong foundation

Audit & streamline your production systems and processes

We take a deep dive into your existing production processes & systems to make sure they are properly configured, align with industry best practices, and are ready to collect and send the right data to a centralized database or data historians.

Master Data Management

Retrieve, organize, and make your production data visibility, and accessible.

We help you integrate disparate data sources from the shop floor all the way to the business level into the right format to bring your team a holistic view of your business, and enable you to explore your data and generate reports in minutes instead of months.

Combine analytics and domain expertise

Develop the IT capabilities to help you predict the future and optimize operations through data analytics.

We help you choose the right tools, build a solid computational infrastructure and develop real-time advanced analytics capabilities to analyze your data and improve operational efficiency.

You can think of us as

Your full-service team. We can manage everything from strategy to execution and support.


Our Proven Process

Each company is at a different maturity level and faces its unique challenges, but we find that the following steps are indispensable to successful digital transformation efforts.

Step 1

Deep Dive & 360 Audit

We sit down with your team to fully understand the scope of your current operations, control systems, and business goals.

We then deliver a comprehensive report outlining actionable improvement recommendations to help you build a strong foundation for your digital transformation.

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Step 2

High-value use-case selection

We work with you to select potentially high-value use-cases that align with your business goals, and are possible to execute within your budget and timeline. We then build and deliver a detailed execution roadmap outlining everything from specific tasks to resources and budgets.

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Step 3


Our team of technical industry experts works with your team, and external contractor to helps you execute your strategy on time and on budget. We can offer hands-on help with development & programming, manage the work, timelines, as well as execution of the deliverables.

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Step 4

Continuous Support & Improvements

We continue working with you to ensure that all the systems we put in place are delivering the best possible results, and identify potential opportunities we can pursue to continue to drive improvements in your manufacturing process.

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Why Work with Us?

Our team worked with some of the world’s top manufacturers across a variety of industries & technologies at every level of the organization from business strategy right through to IT, operations, engineering, and the shop floor.

This puts us in a unique position to understand how everything is interconnected and deliver holistic and sustainable improvements across your manufacturing operations.

We're technology agnostic, and are 100% committed on picking the best choice for your needs.

Here are a few technologies we worked with.

Vlad Romanov

Managing Partner

Vlad worked on the technical Process Control and Instrumentation Systems team at Procter & Gamble, and held a management role at Kraft Heinz.

Over the years, he mastered automation technologies and delivered multiple multi-million dollar projects across food production, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

With the goal to combine technical skills and business acumen, Vlad completed a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at McGill University.

Karim Traiaia

Managing Partner

Karim specializes in advanced analytics and has spent the last 5 years helping build & grow a data analytics startups across Europe and the US.

He worked with companies across a variety of sectors including Fortune 500 chemical and pharmaceutical companies on leveraging manufacturing data for process & production optimization.

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